Sunday, May 31, 2009

Street Fair

I had a wonderful morning!!
I stopped for a vanilla latte and it was Delicious ;)

Then I met Susan at the market so we could wonder around the street fair. We got some wieners for lunch they were yummy.

Don't they look good!!
We had to take a picture with the gold pig!

We said this looked like a prom set up so. . . . .
I decided we had to take a prom picture.
Susan was so embarrassed and ran off. I was not allowing it so I started screaming at her to return. It was really funny and needless to say we got our prom picture. lol.

Ok so the man leaning against the wall with the light blue shirt yelled "damn fillet mignon" I started laughing and I turned around to see who he was talking to and he looked at me and said "Fillet Mignon put in your diary" WTF does that mean?? I was so clueless. Please explain that to me.

Hot Commodity

Attention people:
If you make plans with me to hangout and then cancel I want you to know that I am a Hot Commodity and your space will be booked instantly. SO think twice before cancelling plans with me.
Get it. . . Got it . . . Good.

After the Fun in the Sun . . .

As I was walking towards my bus stop I decided to send Susan a text message that said Are you shopping for shoes??? Before I could take my finger off the send button she was calling me. She said (in her usual mono tone voice) Are you following me? All I could do was laugh then said No and asked her where she was and she said In the shoe department inside of Macy's she also told me when she got my message she was literally looking around trying to find me. OMG Susan is a little shop-a-holic. I think it's time for an invervention!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lunch Outside

We had a wonderful lunch outside at Tacos Guaymas. The food was so tasty. Just as we were all relaxed one of the ladies at the table behind us decided to man handled the not pictured corona neon sign and it slammed on the floor and broke. I was in shock but I think she may have been in more shock after her meal. . . . when she got her check. I'm guessing it was one pricey meal.
Susan, Me, Kathy, & Precy

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Please explain this to me:
When someone uses the last of the toilet paper
and decides to grab a new roll (to be nice)
THEN places it on the empty roll (WTF)
instead of just taking the empty roll off and putting the new one on. . . .
what exactly does this accomplish? Please tell me!
I know what it screams: Hi my name is Jerk and I'M A LAZY ASS!!
When I walk in the bathroom to this:

I gotta tell you . . . . It pisses me off.
It's so stupid and so annoying.
If you live with someone that does this
you should try to train the person while you can to prevent this
AWFUL HABIT Break the cycle!!
You can teach an old dog new tricks.
P.S. I'm in the process of training someone, grrrr.

Fun in The Sun

I forgot to zoom out and the result was this fun picture.
Not to shabby :)
This was such a fun lunch break. We had a quick salad that I made then we headed out to get our favorite drink: TARO with coconut jelly & tapioca... delish. Try it asap. In the first picture Susan was acting like she didn't like me. In the second I started laughing and it was too late to prevent the picture. In the third picture she came to terms and admitted she is indeed my friend. (and yes she got a little wild and showed the twins off) I can't take her any where.

It gets better. While I was in line at old navy she said she was running to Nordy's to use the ladies room and told me to meet her outside when I was done. I waited and waited and waited. I decided to call her to tell her to hurry up well some how she ended up in the shoe department. Imagine that. Poor thing got LOST! I had to go in find her and show her to the exist. What would she do with out me??
P.S. It was such a beautiful day out!

Street Performer

This man ROCKS!!
He was performing some great beats.

The lady with blond hair and the tan blouse on was very special. She was dancing along, but not to the song he was playing :) Unfortunately I did not capture a picture of her. I can on the other hand imitate the dance very well. I did it a few times at works today. I had to take one for the team I was put on the spot. She was ridiculous.

Best Drink Ever

This is a Raspberry Kiss Mocha
from Seattle's Best Coffee
It's my favorite drink and it's awesome hot or cold.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I always say olives are gross & nasty (with the exception of black olives). The only thing I like about green olives is the pimento. SO some time last week I ordered a salad and I forgot to say no olives.... well I got olives (the purple kind). Roommate (we share an office at work, she has a real name but I'm in the process of having her change it legally to Roommate. I will settle for Roomy) told me to just try it. It was everything I expected gross & nasty.
Memorial day I went to happy hour at a fun little place in Belltown and I was starving. (FYI when I'm hungry, I'm grumpy) I ordered a lemon drop and it was really good. The Waiter guy gave us a cup of olives (what was he thinking, right) and they were so tiny and cute so I decided I would try one because they look cute. OMG they were so good. I was not sure if they were good because I was starving.
While I was enjoying my food I decided the waiters name should be David (I like to rename people or give them nicknames, it's a hobby of mine). He just looked like a David. I never bothered to ask and he didn't tell us his name. When I got the check I decided to see if it had his name on it. It sure the heck did and his name is DAVID. Crazy huh?
I had a salad yesterday at some little cafe. They had the same cute little olives so I decided to try them again. OMG they really are good. I don't know why people never told me about them but I'm hooked. I even purchased a jar from Trader Joe's last night.

If you think olives are gross & nasty try the small ones.
They are Manzanilla olives and this is what they look like:

They are sooo good & cute. Try them :)

Visiting My BFF (May 24, 2009)

We made chocolate chip cookies with marshmallow & Jam Bars.
Baking with my BFF is so much fun. It's all about the team work.

This is Kirby he is such a cute baby. He was skateboarding back and forth while we baked the treats. We played with bubbles for a while until he decide he wanted to pop them with his mouth. That's not allowed.

We played Star Wars. I know he looks small but watch your hands he hits hard.
After Kirby went to bed for bad behavior we watched a movie and had popcorn with Johnny's seasoning salt, cream soda, root beer, and some of our treats. We like to big out.
My BFF got me the cutest timer EVER. She is such a goof friend.
The funny thing is I was shopping around for one and she had no idea.
I'm really glad I have the cutest timer on earth now. Thanks Nicole :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best F%^*ing Dinner Party Ever

If a dinner party starts with a kick ass picture like this

than you know. . . . it's only going to get better. . . .

and it sure the heck did.

We had Jim's delicious BBQ ribs. (I discovered he was not a Jim Bob. . . I was crossing my finger that he was, boo) Corn on the cob, sliced baked potato things, salad, garlic bread, watermelon, tasty cocktails, and a yummy cake, omg.

That was the bowl we mixed the super finely chopped garlic with butter in. (it was a great photo-opportunity)

What happens on Bainbridge Island
Stay on Bainbridge Island ;)

Puppy Cat

This is me taking Kathy's puppy cat for a walk in her beautiful backyard.
She has an awesome green thumb. It was so much fun and everything I hoped it would be walking Dexter. (I use to try with my grandma's cat but it was not happening.)
This is Tuna.
He does not like going for walks but he likes going outside.
So he just deals with it so he can feel free.

Dexter is such a love bug. He has such beautiful eyes.
We took turns holding him and he l-o-v-e-d every moment of it.
When I need a cat I will have Kathy pic one out for me :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Poulsbo, WA

She rocks this hat.
Color cordinating and everything.
Her husband said when they get their new hot tub. . . .
that I can take one for the team and be the first to try it. . .
to make sure it's safe for them to use. A girls gotta do. . . what a girls gotta do, right?

Kathy is so fancy looking with that hat.

Susan looks like a cute little eskimo in this hat, right?

Kathy called me Natasha.
I really love this hat but I was not willing to spend
over a hundred bucks for it.
Seriously that's a lot of money for a hat.

Peggy is really cute.
I think she walked out of the store before I forced her to put anymore fun hats on.

Don't leave fun stuff outside the store door
if you don't want me to play with it.
I'm not a rule follower.

(P.S. that man loves me) That's all I'm saying.

Grrrrr don't mess with us :)

Ferry Boat Fun

This is my favorite picture. It screams Fun!

We had to take pictures it was beautiful out.

Some girl got in my picture, so I cut her out.

Super fun sandals.

Being attacked by crazy wild hair.

Are we there yet. . . are we there yet. . .

Tapioca drinks

Ok someone on the face of this earth please explain this to me. So at the little Pho place there's a huge fish tank (I usually think fish are cute) filled with fishes. Well these fish have crazy things over some of their eyes. I can not even look at them with out gaging. Ugh. What wrong with the fish & why the hell would you put them in a restaurant. Do they want people to loose their lunches? And yes I'm making a fishy face.

This is Susan adding up how much money she just saved by switching over to Geico.
While waiting for our drinks. What a smart cookie.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Hour May 22, 2009

So I was waiting for my bff at Pike Place Market to hang out and while I waited for her I got some good people watching time in. There was this cute little older lady with a walker and she was with a younger gal. She was walking and had to go down a slight incline and when she went down she said "Whoooooooa" and the girl with her was so scared she said "I don't want you to fall." and then she said "It's like a roller coaster" So I laughed out loud and the little lady turned around and gave me a great big smile and just nodded yes. She was so cute.

So when my bff arrived I told her the story then we went to the donut stand. We had to wait in a long line as usual. Then the guy that bagged our donuts was intrigued by Nicole's belly (she's pregnant) and was talking about it and asking questions. She told him she had a son and this baby is a boy also. THEN he thought we we a couple and asked if the adopted the first boy and we could not be more confused if you paid us to be. So we explained Nicole has a husband (I thought her beautiful ring set on her left finger would have done the trick). So the guy is lucky he gave us extra donuts. We may of had to get all crazy & stuff.

So we wondered around the market and then went to a fun little place for happy hour. The food was great. I wanted to eat inside but Nicole wanted to eat outside so I decided to be a good friend and we ate outside. Within minutes she decided I was RIGHT and she did not like sit outside because the ground was on an incline. (so very lame) So I had a glass of wine and we ate pate sandwiches, pommes frites, and I forgot what the other one was called but it was cheese, bread, and delicious prunes.

this is the cute picture from the menu.
my little pate sandwich

Nicole & her little pate sandwich

waiting (we did a lot of this)

Still waiting (I think we had a total of 5 servers, booo)
Moral of this story don't sit outside if you want good service.

INTRODUCING: My Little Chicken Nugget

This is the newest addition to my family.
I'm the proud aunt of a beautiful healthy big baby boy named
Alan Joseph 8lbs 11oz 21.5" He is so cute and I decided to call him AJ, super cute huh? Then one day I just decide to call him my little chicken nugget.
I think it's a fun nickname, he will learn to love it one day.
Seriously because all his birthday cards will be addressed to him as
My Little Chicken Nugget :)
Big CONGRATS to my big brother Robert & my sister in law Maggie!!!
Well Good luck on the deprived sleep issue that set in!!
Good job on making another cute kid!

Just an fyi

I have this bag and it's awesome and the wording on it is also in reference to my body. Just an fyi I'm 0% plastic, that's right you read right I'm all natural.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner @ Elysian Brewery

So I went out to dinner and it was good. The food was yummy as usual. Well our waitress lets just call her butter fingers (for her privacy) was actually doing a good job tonight (usually she's a slacker and neglects us). Well she stopped by to clear our plates and she grabbed the knife and it flew out of her hands and heads straight to the mil (mother in law not really my mil I'm just playing house) got her. . . . so butter fingers made another attempt to get the knife and it headed down south towards my super cute boots totally hit them but rest assure they are fine and unharmed.

Seat Covers

Ok I'm pretty darn sure I'm not to only one that feels this way.
So I like to wonder around Seattle and 9 out 10 times when it comes to having to use the ladies room. . . . they NEVER have any damn seat covers for the toilets. Sometimes they do not even have the actual seat cover holders. WTF?? Please explain this to me. For crying out loud I'm not good at squatting, ugh. (Especially if I've had an adult beverage) Now at pike place market it gets worse the restroom doors are approximately boob height, so if some tall ass woman walks by or any woman they can totally see in the stall, sick huh? It's bad enough I have stage fright in public restrooms as it is.
This is all I'm asking for SEATTLE:

Is this too much to ask for?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

first salad made with my new ds

Well I used my new game
made a carrot salad
It was tasty with a nice tang to it.
Very quick & easy.
I cut my poor middle finger :( when I grated the carrots.
FYI. . . . buy your carrots. . .

Boss Lady

Today my boss lady Kathy and I were outfit twins. We looked pretty darn cute. She is the best boss ever(in case you were wondering), she even has the mirror to prove it. Seriously!! It was made by me of course :) Be jealous. She and I made an awesome rap video once and it was online for a while. I might even have it saved some where on my laptop. She is a good cook and singer she can rock any song but shines like no other, big time when it comes to a pussy cat doll song cause she has the moves to go with every song, OMG.