Sunday, June 28, 2009

TLC - Taste of Tacoma 06/28/2009

This month we went to the Taste of Tacoma for our ladies day outing. It was a lot of fun and really relaxing. We had some yummy food. As we were heading out we noticed this fun little Ben & Jerry thing and had to take pictures:

Annie & I

Nicole & Mish

Andrea & Annie

I'm really happy that I know what Tacoma taste like now.
The mystery is solved.

Steven 06/28/2009

This blonde is Steven. I had the pleasure of over hearing his conversation. He got on his cell phone and said "Hi it's Steven I have your thighs on and I'm looking fierce, I'm 30 seconds away from the e-bar" It was very interesting and I have to tell you his face was fierce. I did not want to be so obvious and take a picture of his face but he was just a boy with wild make-up on. Maybe next time I see a boy all dolled up I will just take a picture from the front. Gotta love Seattle!!

My Sister's Keeper 06/27/2009

I went to watch "My Sister's Keeper" with Susan it was a really good movie. Tissue was definitely need and we went prepared. It was such a tear jerker. I was doing fine in the movie and did not cry I just teared up a little during the last half hour. Susan was tearing up too. So in one part of the movie the little girl with cancer named Kate waived using one finger and that's when I lost it and burst into tears.
When my mother was rushed to the hospital a few years ago (because she was not feeling well and thought she was having a heart attack) she was in the ER for some testing and when I arrived to the hospital she was being transferred up for more testing and she waived just like that but she used all her fingers and said see you later in an odd way. (they confirmed my mother had a hear attack and during the other testing she started having another heart attack and passed away later that day)
It was a good movie and I think you should watch it just bring some tissue and you'll be fine.

Club Heaven 06/27/2009

I went to a club with Susan and her BFF Katie. (I have not been to a club in many years and had no idea what to expect) I was feeling like I was dressed like a hoochie and wanted to change but I was reassured that my outfit was fine. SO we got in for free which was awesome and I felt over dressed once I walked in omg some of the girls in there were trashy. We had a drink danced a little then went out to check out nearby clubs but decided to go back. So we were dancing and hanging out and this guy walked right up to me with a blow up doll (it was his bachelor party) and asked if I would go to the VIP lounge because that was his current punishment/task I said as long as I could bring my friends. (going up to girls and getting them to go with him.) So we went and it was cool they had a bunch of drinks and were very nice. (he looked like one of my ex-boyfriends that was really odd) We hung out for a little while and headed home. It was a fun night.

Raccoon 06/27/2009

I had to go take the trash out and Susan went with me. When we got close to the backdoor we looked out the window and noticed a raccoon outside and I decided I needed to take a picture of it. I walked upstairs opened the door slowly and had Susan hold it as I tip toed out quietly. When I got outside I took a picture but the raccoon was being a brat and did not want to look at the camera. So Susan started meowing to see if that would help. I just settled with this lousy picture and threw the trash away. Susan told me it was closer and I could try for a better picture so I walked along the side of the building and I could not see the raccoon so I was looking for it. I looked down and it was right next to me about a foot away. I screamed so loud which triggered Susan to scream (monkey see monkey do) So we ran as fast as we could to get back in to the building. It was a close call.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Food Truck

This by far is the coolest food truck ever.

I'm not sure if the food is good

but I'm willing to bet it is

because there is always a line.

I'm going to have lunch here some time soon and I will give a full report on what I think about the food.

It's pretty darn cool.

Candy Jar 06/25/2009

When I returned from lunch I walked into my office
to find this on my chair:

I'm guessing this means my candy jar is empty
and someone wants me to refill it.
Since I am a really sweet co-worker...
I decided to fill the jar up the following day.
I'm still waiting for the thank you note
(or breakfast to be left on my desk, ya know whatever)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nicole's Baby Shower 06/20/2009

My bff is pregnant with baby #2 and I am so excited to meet him. Since she has a little boy already the baby shower was a picnic theme and in lieu of gifts I asked people to bring prepared dishes that can be frozen, gift cards to local restaurants, or to bring dinner over sometime after the baby arrives. This will give Nicole & Justin the gift of time.
So I hosted a baby shower on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time. We played lots of fun games. We had burgers & hot dogs that we cooked on the George Simon grill (aka George Foreman), fruit pizza, pasta salad, chips and salsa, blackberry crumble (aka berry crumble), ice cream, and smores.
This is the fancy cake that Nicole wanted me to make:

BMW? 06/20/2009

So I was driving next to this car on my way to Tacoma and this car had interesting painting on the side. A short time after I noticed the art work the car got in front of me and I noticed the BMW emblem and did a double take. Oh my this was so freaking ridiculously funny I got the best laugh from this and once I stopped laughing I managed to grab my camera and capture the Kodak moment. It was so silly.

Times Are Changing 06/17/2009

I have made a big decision to hit the play button and move forward with my life instead of feeling like I am stuck on the pause button. This may come as a huge shock to most people and very unexpected. Just know that change is good. I felt as if I were waiting for something to happen that obviously wasn't going to.

This was a very hard decision but in the end I am very confident with my choice. I have also had some positive reinforcement to confirm I have made the right decision.

Ultimately I made this choice for ME because I want to be happy and deserve to be. I should not have to settle for less and refuse to. . . . so I am moving on.

This was not an easy process and it will take time to transition but it's worth it.

I recently did some apartment shopping and found a cute little place to call home, I signed the lease, packed up, and moved out. I am now working on building a life of happiness and settling in to my new place.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Signature Cake 06/17/2009

When it's someones birthday. . .

I like to whip one of these babies up from scratch.

It usually consists of a vanilla cake & chocolate icing.

(sometimes I get fancy and make other flavors)

I really like to bake! I'm pretty domestic!

(I'm reminded of daily, it's a good thing)

Wittle Mamas & Little Chicken Nugget 06/17/2009

Here is an recent picture of
My Wittle Mamas & My Little Chicken Nugget.
Alina is a very proud big sister. She is also good at sharing (at least for now), as you can see she let AJ lay on her bed.
She is such a sweetheart. I love these little cuties a ton!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not Niki 06/15/2009

So apparently when this man called me a week ago and said "Niki is John in the back yard" I said "this is not Niki you have the wrong number" He said "well you sound like Niki" and I said "well I'm not you have the wrong number" Well after I hung up he sent me a text message that said "call me asap" I did not reply.
Well today I had a call and it was the same man again he said "hi Niki" I said "I'm sorry but this is not Niki's phone any more please do not call me again" Once again after I hung up I got a text message again that said "call me" so now I'm pissed and annoyed so I replied this time with "DO NOT call or txt msg my phone ever again please! I'm not Niki"
Please keep your fingers crossed for me that he knows how to read since he obviously does not know how to listen.

Boobs 06/15/2009

These things were invented called a BRA. I'm sure people have different names for them such as "over the shoulder bolder holders" Well I do not care what you want to call them that's up to you.

I also do not care how small or how large your boobs are you should always wear a bra in public. What you do in your home is your business. It is so nasty when ladies like to free ball it in public, ugh. I don't want to see your boobs flopping all over the place and I'm sure many people feel the same way. It makes me want to vomit. Seriously it does.

So PLEASE. . . .
wear a bra when you're in public!!

Bras are fun, cute & sexy!
They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!
Ladies please save me the grief, sigh.

If you do not know what they look like. . .
here is an example to help you out:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Beautiful Souvenir 06/12/2009

My friend went on an awesome vacation without me
to the Dominican Republic.
(She regretted that decision because she had no one to translate for her)
She surprised me with a very sweet souvenir.
It's a pretty handmade necklace and earrings set.
It's made with the stone of the D.R. called Larimar:
The picture does not really show off all of the beautiful details
but it gives you an idea.
It's really Beautiful and I love it!
Thanks Susan :)

Tree Sap 06/12/2009

Well this is just a small fyi. . .
If you ever get tree sap on yourself or for example in your hair.
I just discovered a way to remove it instantly. It's called butter. So once again for example if you happen to get it in your hair just rub a small amount of butter on the sticky area and it comes right off. Followed by showering to remove the butter :)
I hope this helps!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mean Bird

Today while I was waiting for the bus to pull up to my stop the street was filled with lots of birds. The bus driver honked and they all flew west. I got off and started walking east on Pine and all of a sudden I just heard this crazy flapping sound and when I looked up the birds made a u-turn and were over me. I immediately tried to walk on the left side of the side walk. One bird decided today would be a good day to shit on me and it did just that. In some ways I guess I lucked out that I was not covered in it but it was really awful, sigh. I was beyond horrified.

After screaming FUCK in a fit of rage I quickly patted my head to check for shit lucky for me and my work my head was safe. (I would of had no other choice) I would have totally gone home had it got on my hair. So I quickly rolled up the sleeve of my sweater to cover the shit and called home to see if I could arrange for a clean sweater to be brought to me. Lucky for me I was able to make it happen. Its a good thing that I own more than one pink sweater :)

I washed the sweater soon as I got to work and decided I will not wear it for a very long time. (I'm a bit traumatized)

So I have been paranoid around birds all day and try to walk under covered areas. Ugh so sad.

My Wild Hair

I've decided to wear my hair
all natural a few times a week.
It's a bit wild and cute :)

I'm thinking about getting low-lights!
Do you think I should?
yay or nay

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Mind of Thier Own 06/09/2009

Some times my hands. . . .
have a mind of their own. . . . idk ;)

Seriously. . . IDK!!
Maybe the blueberry martinis had something to do with it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it bad to like Dick's a lot? 06/08/2009

I'm not going to lie it's pretty good!

I'm not ashamend to love Dick's !!
If you have not tried it then. . .
hurry up and do it!!
P.S. That's an order :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love @ First Sight 06/06/2009

I'm not sure if everyone believes in
love at first sight but . . . .
I'm a firm believer in it :)
I went downtown to the AT&T store
and walked out with this little beauty :)
It's so much fun:

FYI. . .
It's so annoying when you have to cancel service with a cell phone company. I called to do so and it should have been a 2 minutes phone call so I thought, but no it was 8 freaking minutes, ugh. They are so rude. If I don't want to give them my business then that's that.

The Park 06/05/2009

I had a wonderful afternoon at the park!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sandals 06/04/2009

My new sandals have arrived:

Green + Coach + Sandals = Happiness

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spare Time 06/04/2009

This is what happens when. . .
I have spare time on my hands in the morning:

Pretty fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sangria 06/03/2009

After our busy afternoon of running errands and getting manicures & pedicures
we stopped by Lowell's and had some sangria.
It was so refreshing and delicious...

P.S. someone is a lightweight!

Chiuaua Family 06/02/2009

This cute chiuaua family was hanging out in front of Westlake Center.

Precy used a digital camera 6/02/2009

This is Precy after a frustrated lesson and some verbal abuse:

I took a picture of Susan and Precy said
"here let me take a picture of you two together"
She has never used a camera and wanted to try some different angles
(she may have been teasing us).
So she had the camera facing her then hit the power button
(we were all laughing so much and that's when the verbal abuse kicked in she started saying "Shut up")
and then turned the camera upside down. This is her result:

Not too shabby huh? It's a little blurry but it works!
Thanks a million Precy.
You're awesome.

Pink 06/01/2009

Apparently if you wear a similar shade of pink . . .
everyone thinks you planned your outfits.