Monday, July 27, 2009

The Best Poster Ever 07/24/2009

As I was on the bus on my way home last Friday I got into a huge fight with my ex-boyfriend. He pulled some stupid crap move and made me yell at him while I was on the bus. I'm sure I was not the craziest person on the bus or even close to being near the craziest person. I should have waited until I got off the bus but I didn't. Anyways I was very upset when I got off and the light was working in my favor, it was actually green so I could cross. (this particular light takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to turn green) I looked up and noticed this poster:

I got a good laugh and decided to take a loss and not cross so I could take a picture of this poster. The best part is this is no joke the guy is really looking to meet a girl. He is on a mission.
I wish him all the best of luck.
If you are interested go to his myspace page:
As I finally crossed the street my friend called. I was still upset & was able to vent. It turns out I was not in the wrong or over reacting about the situation and I felt way better after the chat.


OK what the hell was this girl thinking? I mean what the hell were these girls thinking. If they think they have the right to go in public wearing this shit than I have the write to capture it and blog about it. Now for starters unless you are 12 years old or younger you should not, I repeat should NOT wear leggings unless your ass is covered. Especially if your planning on wearing granny panties. Do you own a mirror? This is disturbing and it makes everyone uncomfortable. Next why the hell did you let your friend out of the house without putting a skirt, shorts or pants on over her damn underwear? I guess she didn't no better so how could she give advice. If you need fashion advice do not hesitate to ask ladies. I'm embarrassed for you, sigh. I'm scared to even know what's in the H&M bag.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm from South Africa 07/21/2009

I'm sorry but if you have to say I'm from south Africa after every sentence, chances are you're probably not. This man in the cotton knee highs did just that. He was hitting on a girl who was not even old enough to drink alcohol. She was holding a curtain rod and he was talking about how he is into interior designs and patterns, chances are if your wearing cotton knee highs and your a man I highly doubt your into interior design. (What the heck are you wearing guy? Seriously??) He did not have an accent so I really do not think he was from south Africa. He was trying a little too hard. The poor girl could not get off the bus quick enough. She looked a little lost when she got off so maybe she just got off at the first stop to get away from him, lol. It would not surprise me one bit.

Segway 07/17/2009

This guy on the segway is way to cool for school:

He was speedy. It's a good thing he was wearing a helmet because he was speeding on his segway like a bat outta hell. For a moment I was certain he was going to fly off of it. If you see him on the streets get the heck out of his way. He will take you down. I must give him kudos for riding it in business attire. . . he was so classy!

Clipboard Vultures 07/17/2009

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that these people are beyond annoying!! They try to pressure people into saving something and can often result in ruthless behavior and tactics. It's pretty much harassment! I will try anything to get these people to leave me the heck alone from using heads phones (even if I'm not listening to music), not looking them in the eyes and making a pointless phone call. They are worse than car sharks. They are everywhere and always at all the wrong times such as: breaks, lunch time, trying to get to the public limo stop and when I'm pressed for time. I have had them get mouthy with me when I'm polite and say "sorry" or "no thank you" If they think they get get mouthy with me when I'm being polite instead of pretending not to hear them and just walking by, they have another thing coming. I'm not afraid to tell them off and I have. At times they've given me anxiety and I can not stand them. They should get the hint.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Richest Grandpa Ever: Take 2 07/16/2009

So this morning while I was on my way to work on my public limo I couldn't help but notice the richest grandpa ever was on my public limo again! He is totally color coordinating with his matching Gucci hat & shoes. Not the same from the other day. . . . that's right a different Gucci hat & shoes. How many does he have sheesh? Once again I had no control, I went ahead and took a picture of him. I'm pretty sure a guy near me noticed. It was really hard trying to be sneaky this time the limo was a bit busy. Oh well.

Bus Hookup 07/15/2009

OK so this guy and girl meet for the first time while waiting for the bus. I didn't think much of it. So everyone got on the bus and they sat together. All the passengers had a row each so I was so luck to sit near them all the way in the back. (ugh) If I knew what I was in store for I would of forced someone to let me sit next to them. We got on the freeway and my phone did not have much battery left so I did not listen to music.

So she put one leg on his lap then waited and put her other one and asked for his number and he didn't give it to her so she asked again. They exchanged numbers and so after that she was pulling her skirt up. All I could think was please do not have sex on this bus that would be so nasty. Then she got on him and they started making out. Yuck! She looked like she was high on crack or some other drug.
Sick huh?

Lets play a little game I just made up.
It's called what kind of drug do you think she was on?
Any guesses?
That driver could not get me to Seattle quick enough. I was so grossed out and horrified.
I'm 99.9% certain that I will spend the night next time I'm in Tacoma on work night if I'm commuting alone. Scary!

Finally Frankie 07/15/2009

I am very proud to announce that Justin & Nicole have a sweet little addition to their family. His name is Frank Rainer. He is so adorable. See for yourself:
This is Nicole she is one strong woman.
She gave birth to the beautiful 8 pound baby boy
On Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is her husband Justin he was goofing off making silly faces. He was very nice and went to pick me up from the dome. I waited and looked in the usual spots but did not see him. Then I decided to take my chances and hop on another bus to get to the hospital it was an interesting adventure. Turns out he parked a bit further and he waited forever for me. I'm sorry Justin!
This is Kirby he is so silly he was eating salad and being very dramatic while doing so. He makes the cutest funny faces ever. I wonder where Kirby learned how to make silly faces?
Kirby was sitting next to Nicole eating his salad.
When he got up I moved to his spot and got this fun little picture of us:
I had a fun visit with them at the hospital and so happy to finally meet Frankie!
They sure make really cute kids.
Kudos to Justin and Nicole.


This is one of my favorite meals. Cinnamon waffles with cream cheese, banana slices and blueberry sauce. It is so yummy.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I was walking home and this man walked up to me and said "Hi Baby"
I looked at him and kind of gave him my awkward smile.
Then he pulled out a hand full of twenty dollar bills and said "hey baby you got change for a twenty" I said "No sorry"

First of all . . . do I know you?

Second of all . . . . since when am I his baby?

Third of all . . . . .did he not see my headphones?

*Lucky for him. . .
he spoke to me during the transition from one song to another & I was in a good mood :)


OK I have a strong belief that if I'm wearing headphones that it's the universal sign for "Do Not Talk To ME" many people have also confirmed this theory of mine. I make exceptions to the rules, such as the following:
#1 If someone is lost and is asking me for help.
#2 If a friend sees me and starts talking to me.
#3 If I initiate a conversation with someone or potentially gave the person the idea that I was.
With that being said I also wear headphones intentionally when I'm alone on the streets or on a bus so I can keep the hobo's away from me. Well apparently some people are not aware of this sign. I get so irritated with panhandlers talking to me as if I can hear them. I'm not sure what the deal is they are clearly visible.

Fanciest QFC

So I had to go to the store again.
I did not want to go to the Safeway or Trader Joe's so I took a chance and went to the QFC on Broadway Avenue East. I was pleasantly surprised it was awesome!! I was so excited it has 3 floors. The street level is all the typical grocery store stuff, upstairs was the beer and wine, and downstairs was all sorts of fun stuff such as dishes, bedding stuff, appliances, etc. I had a wonderful experience in the store and plan to return again.

Richest Grandpa Ever 07/13/2009

So this morning while I was on my way to work on the bus I couldn't help but notice this man. He is the richest grandpa ever! He is totally color coordinating with his matching Gucci hat & shoes. You can not really see his hands but he had rocks on most of his fingers. Since I have no control I went ahead and took a picture of him.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was having a lazy Sunday and finally decided to go to the store. I settled for Safeway because it's closer than Trader Joe's. I walked out to the bus stop and was bummed out when I checked the schedule and it was not going to arrive for at least 15 minutes then to make the matter ever worse . . . . . it started to rain like crazy. I had no rain boots, no jacket and no scarf or hat. Just freaking dandy!!
So I had my trip planned out and knew I had exactly 25 minutes to shop and get to the bus stop once I got to the store. Or I would have to wait at the bus stop for about 25 minutes for the next bus if I did not get out. So I walked in grabbed a cart and and pulled my list out I only needed a few things so I was ready to get in & out!
I started off quickly and was in the aisle to get toothpaste and out of nowhere this guy shows up and was standing uncomfortably close to me. He started mumbling and rattling off so much information and asked me if I could help him buy some food. I said "sorry I do not have any cash to give you" He said "well can you just pay for my food?" I said "sorry I have no cash to give you and I just got to the store and will be a while." So he stood there and kept talking to me and saying a bunch of stuff. He was just looking at me it was very awkward. He asked again and I said "maybe you should go ask someone else" and got out of the aisle as quickly as possible. He went the other way and watched me go into the next aisle and looked at me then walked away slowly.(I was so upset by this situation and all I could think of while he was talking was please get away or have someone walk in the aisle so I can run or something.)
So I walked up to the first clerk I found and told him what happened. He got the supervisor and had me speak to him. I told him there is a man in your store panhandling and trying to get me to buy his groceries and I felt very uncomfortable and was put in such and awkward situation. He was in shock and said "in the store" I said "Oh yes in the store" I described the man and then said "I don't mean to be a tattletale but I do not feel safe."
He rushed off and I continued to finish up as I was on the verge of tears. When I was near the freezer section the supervisor came up to me and I asked right away "did you find him" (with a very concerned look on my face) he said "yes but I was too late he got someone to buy his food but I did tell him he was not allowed in my store ever again" I said "thank you very much" and he said "oh thank you"
I don't understand why I can not go to Safeway with out dealing with horrible situations.
Situation #1
One time this group of three people were following me around the store the manager noticed and said Please watch your purse and keep it with you at all times these people have been going around stealing woman's purses.
Situation #2
Then there was this white guy that looked in my cart and said ooh your making a roast? Then followed me around the meat department and was telling me how I should make it and that I should use beer and blah blah blah.
Situation #3
Then this black guy noticed my cart and inside was BBQ sauce. He shouted Mmmmm who likes Ray's BBQ sauce. I instantly hoped there was someone else in the meat department so I could pretend it wasn't my cart. Well I was the only one there so he walked up to me and started talking about how he loves that BBQ sauce and if he could be in my life and blah blah blah.
WTF?? UGH!! Can I go to the store and have a nice experience??
I'm not going to Safeway alone ever again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

16 and Pregnant

So MTV has this show called 16 and Pregnant.
This is what they have on the website about this show:
MTV's 16 and Pregnant is an hour-long documentary series focusing on the controversial subject of teen pregnancy. Each episode follows a 5-7 month period in the life of a teenager as she navigates the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, rebellion, and coming of age; all while dealing with being pregnant.
Each story offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges pregnant teen face: marriage, adoption, religion, gossip finances, rumors among the community, graduating high school, getting (or losing) a job. Faced with incredibly adult decisions, these girls are forced to sacrifice their teenage years and their high school experience. But there is an optimism among them; they have the dedication to make their lives work, and to do as they see fit to provide the best for their babies.
I'm not sure what the purpose is but I can't imagine what I would do if I were pregnant at 16. The thing I don't understand is why these little girls got pregnant it's pathetic that the parents are not involved enough to know their kid is having sex. I know parents want the best for their children but you have to be involved to provide them with the best. No one wants their child to have premarital sex they should save their virginity for the special one blah blah blah . . . but FYI it's going to happen whether you like it or not unless you educate your child and get involved as much as possible. Which brings me to my point we really need to focus on educating these young children about using protection or getting on some form of birth control.
It truly saddens me to know how many little girls are getting pregnant and being forced to grow up so quick. Obviously they made a choice to have sex with out protection, not using protection properly, and or being on some form of birth control. I'm not exactly an angel but I do know if I don't want to be pregnant then I take birth control religiously to prevent having a baby before I'm ready to become a mother. Lucky for me I'm a smart young women and made sure I paid attention in sex-ed and also took an awesome human sexuality class in college.
I do not accept any excuse such as I don't have insurance, I cant afford birth control, or I can't afford condoms because the nation is filled with so many resources to help girls with all of the above. There is a place called planned parenthood that helps people for free and it happens to be nation wide.
Although this show is ridiculous you must watch one episode.
I highly recommend episode #5 supersized version. OMG.

Crazy Van Man 07/10/2009

OK so after work I was talking to my sister and I happened to notice this freaky looking white van. It just had a creepy look to it with the skull in the window than as I was starring I noticed some movement on the lower left are and noticed this crazy man opening the curtain and kept popping his head is and out. It was simply bizarre.

Weird huh?

I'm not Niki 06/06/2009 & 06/09/2009

Well yet again I got another call from Niki's dad. I was beyond annoyed. I can not believe a person could be so delusional. It started the usually way:

Niki's dad: Hi Niki
Me: No this is not Niki, who is this?
Niki's dad: Niki it's dad.
Me: No I'm pretty sure you're not my dad. So please stop calling me. I'm sorry your daughter changed her number and did not want to give you her new number. I'm not your daughter it does not matter if you use a different phone to call this number it's not going to change who answer's. So stop calling me and stop text messaging me.
(I may have yelled a little)

So I called AT&T to ask if they could block some numbers because I'm sick of the calls and the guy said I could pay for some service to block up to 20 numbers or I could report it to the police. I said I don't think this is something I should bother the police with and I've had a larger issue before that I reported to the police and they would not help resolve it so I highly doubt they would help.

So I gave him a small example of this incident that happened almost a year ago:
Some ignorant, rude, stupid, inconsiderate idiot blocked my parking space, so I can not park the car and it's on the street. The dumb f%$ parked in the isle area so one car is blocked and the other person can not park their car. This dip shit has been parked there since 2:00 p.m. Oh and the wonderful Seattle PD can not help me, I was told to call a towing company. The wonderful towing companies said that our building must have a contract with them in order to tow a vehicle. WTF?? (Needless to say the car sat for 3 or 4 days)

The guy began to give me advice on how stupid it is to own a condo because you don't really own it and it's not yours and he would never own a condo because it's stupid. I have no idea why he felt the need to tell me all that b.s. and I just tried to change the topic back to the reason for my call but he was still talking about condos so it took me 37 minutes to get no solution.

Then Thursday morning I'm at work my cell phone rings. Roommate (Chris she is my office roommate) looks at me when I said I had no idea who was calling and she said Niki. I answered it.

Lady: Hi Niki.
Me: No I'm not Niki.
Lady: Well you have a young voice like she has.
Me: Well I'm not Niki and I would really appreciate it if you could tell everyone who has this number not to use it because they're really starting to annoy the hell out of me and I'm keeping track of every number that calls and I'm going to report it to the police because it;s becoming harassment.
Lady: Oh sorry
Me: Relay the message thanks.

Once again I may have yelled a little or raised my voice)

In conclusion I've decided that I will call the numbers that call me and ask for Rachel and insist that the person I'm speaking to is indeed Rachel. Then When I call for a second time I will ask for Niki and just annoy them. Maybe they will realize how annoying it is to deal with the obnoxious calls. It should be fun.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 2009

Timing is everything! Lucky for me my good friend Susan called me moments before I was headed to take a nap. (it's one of my newer hobbies) She called to see what I was up to and invited me to a 4th of July BBQ at her & Nate's (that's her fiance) friends Naima & Carl's place on Lake Union. I accepted her invitation and went to her place so we could leave from there.
We stopped by whole foods to bring some stuff over to the BBQ. The cashier was grumpy and not very friendly (it was not our fault she forgot to request the holiday off or her request was denied. Not to sure what her problem was, she was lame)
Then we decided to take our chances and pay this guy $10 to park in his lot after searching for what felt like forever to find a parking spot. I was asked to take a picture of the guy. So if the car was towed or stolen we would have a picture of the suspect, lol.

Lucky for him it was right there when we returned.
The afternoon started with an adult beverage called Spodee from what I understand it's a popular drink. (I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly but I know I spelled it phonetically) It was very tasty. All I know is it had liquor and fruit juice.

Naima & Carl's place was very cute. This is the beautiful view from their balcony:

Very beautiful huh? Your answer should be yes. (it's a no-brain-er)
So the guy behind Susan & I was a guy that looks like a Baldwin brother. Susan was determined to find out if he was but I refused to ask or let her ask. So how I managed to let her out of my sight and she asked Mike if he knew. He had no clue and asked him. That guy was shocked and said no. He also pretended as if that was the first time he has ever been asked that. Yeah right Tim, nice try. (I'm good at remembering names that are four letters or less and or I re-name people to have shorter names)

It was very fun and everyone was very nice.
Naima & Carl were great hosts. This is Naima & I she's so sweet.
(She changed outfits a few times during the evening, intentionally of course)

The fireworks were amazing.
Thanks for everything!

Cheesecake Brownie Cupcakes 06/03/2009

I decided to get my bake on :)
So I made brownies with a splash of cheesecake.
Then at the last minute I decided to add toasted almonds & chocolate chips to half the batch. I must say they were very yummy. If I did not have will power I would have tried to eat every single last one of them but I really like to share my baked goods. . .
so that's what I did.

Ohhh Yum!