Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thomas Family

I would like to introduce you to the Thomas family. I have known them for a very long time! I got to visit them when I was in Cali for my brothers wedding. We has a short but sweet visit!
I was a live in nanny for these kiddos.
Now they're all grown up and almost taller than me! (with the exception of Michael Jr. lol)
What the heck happened?
Michael, Karen, Me & Nicole

Michael Jr., Michael, Me & Nicole

Me & Georgie

Just so you have an idea when I took care of them. . . Michael Jr. was 6 months old, Nicole was 2 and Georgie was 4. Sheeesh where does time go? They are such great kids! I'm so proud of them! They are such a beautiful family!
I love you!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congrats Boogie & Maria!!

The wedding ceremony! Check out his shoes!

This is my brother Boogie & his wife Maria. He was the last boy to get married. Now I'm officially the last one to get married oh boy the pressure is on! Yikes!

So I was asked by my brother to do a reading at the church during the ceremony. (my sister was also asked) I agreed right away and asked for the reading so I could prepare. Well. . . I got a call the night before and he said oh one of your readings changed I'm not sure if it's yours or Sylvia's. So I asked him to call when he figures it out. He never called back to follow up. Big surprise? I think not!
We get to the church and it turns out I was the lucky one that had a new reading. So I was handed the reading to review quickly before the ceremony and it was a prayer that was for the church, the couple and those that have passed, ugh!

So when it was my turn to go read I was doing fine and then I got to the part for those who have passed and started to cry when I read my moms name and it triggered my sister to also cry, sigh. My poor niece didn't know what to do when I returned to sit down.

Before the wedding!

This is my little chicken nugget. He likes to cuddle!

This is my little mamas we got ready together she offered to let me use her bikini I told her "oh no thanks you mamas it's a little too big for me" she said "oh ok tia"

The wedding day!

Their 1st dance as Mr. & Mrs Cervantes!

Nadia & I

The cake!


In Loving memory of my mother Barbara Cervantes (the greatest woman ever)

My daddy & I. We have a tradition of dancing at every wedding! I love it :)

This is a tradition we always get a picture at every wedding! Too cute! I love my girls!
Emily, Ginger & I

Nadia, me, Ginger, Jamie & Sylvia

Some girl was jealous that her boyfriend was talking to me about living in Seattle (he's from Washington) So she tried stepping up to me during this she was saying I play basketball (stood in front of me) I'm going to get it and blah blah blah, I said oh yeah I don't care we'll just see about that and stood in front of her where I initially was) and I schooled her ass! That's right I caught the bouquet!

P.S. I looked at her and without missing a beat I said "Bam! In your face"

*In my defense I had a lot of wine that day!

Congrats Boogie & Maria!

Welcome to the family!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sylvia took me to Yogurtland to contribute to my love & addiction for it. Some people might call her an enabler, but I call her a good sissy! BTW this place rocks! It is so good and it was perfect for the hot hot heat that was in Cali in August! It was high 90's not exactly my cup of tea. The frozen yogurt made it better ;)

Reunion with Crystie

This is my dear friend Crystie. She is such a sweet woman! I have known her since I was a kid! I was so blessed to reconnect with her, she found me on facebook. When I was down for my brothers wedding she drove down and brought Mondo, Nadia and I coffee and we had such a great visit! Thanks again for the coffee! She is so inspirational! God is good and I'm so happy to have her back in my life!
Sylvia, Crystie & I

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Golden Girls

I watched the show many years ago and recently found it on tv again. This show is such a classic.
I LOVE this show!
These little ladies ROCK!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

bottle of wine + freezer = no bueno

You know what's not fun?? Let me tell you: forgetting about the bottle of wine you put in the freeze to chill before you spontaneously left to the bar. THEN returning home to a bottle of wine that exploded, sigh. I really, really wanted to drink that wine tonight. Boo!


Someone signed me up for e freaking harmony. Seriously what the f%#k?? That's rude! If and when I find out who signed me up for this I will kick some major ass! I'm a big girl (not literally) I can set myself up, thanks! Stay OUT of my love life for crying out loud!!

*There's nothing wrong with dating site (to each their own) but if I wanted to be on one I think I should be the one to sign myself up. Thanks Champ, mind your freaking business!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


People are catching on that I'm leaving on vacation. They are making me work my ass off! WTH?? I'm absolutely outraged by this because I've gone all this time thinking I was getting paid to sit in my office at my desk and look pretty. All of a sudden they decided to flip the script on me and think they can give me WORK, ugh. . . it's so awkward. I guess I should start calling attorney's in to my office and have a tiny chat with them, sheeesh!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ad on Craigslist

OK so I found this ad and thought it was so ridiculous:

Looking for two girls to serve drinks at an afternoon BBQ for 7-10 guys this Thursday. Totally legit, no sex, you just come dressed in a cute/hot summer outfit, serve drinks and mingle with mostly a bunch of married guys. You should be easy on the eyes and be a decent conversationalist (English is required, Chinese is a plus). I'll pay $50 per girl for 4 hours plus all you can eat/drink and a ride home if you need it. I prefer the two girls know each other so you both can feel more at ease. You should both be 25-35 years old. Send pics for consideration. Please put BBQ in the subject of your reply so I know you are real.
Location: West Seattle
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: $50 per girl for 4 hours

Having to say no sex is stupid why would you say that if the job is being a "server" wtf? Does Applebees say that in their job postings? Girls think twice before responding to shit like this!! Do the spouses know about this? Seriously?

I think it would be funny to respond to this just to she what else this tool has to say, lol.

1st Passport EVER!!

I do not have a passport and I'm planning a trip that requries one so. . . I went to the post office today with a copy of my birth certificate and played my ditsy card to see if I could get my passport with the copy, but the lady was not having it. I also planned on sweet talking the person, but that went right out the door when the person was a straight lady :( It's OK I found my birth certificate!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! I'm going back tomorrow! I'm so excited! FYI the straight lady was very sweet and extremely helpful.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Night Out 08/04/09

Nicole & the boys picked me up from the limo station and we drove to Nicole's moms house for the national night out BBQ. We had lots of good food, cheesecake & cookies. It was fun to hang out and it was beautiful out (it did get a little chilly later)
This is Kirby and I hanging out on the porch swing. I was cuddling him. He was not feeling good. We took a bunch of pictures. He said "more pictures Achel" (I was also talking to him like a baby because it was amusing to him)
This is Frankie. He is so cute & such a sweet baby.

This is Me, Nicole, Kirby and Frankie. I really like this picture of us, it's cute.

This is Kirby with his grandma Lexi (Nicole's mom) taking a picture with the fire truck.
This is Kirby with his mom taking a picture with the fire truck.

It was very nice of the fire department to stop by and visit.

VERY HOT! 08/04/09

While I was sitting in the lobby at the bank. . .
I noticed this sign that read:

REMEMBER. . . These Beverages are VERY HOT!

I could not help but laugh about it because someone probably got burned (that's not funny) and began a lawsuit. I can not help but think that, every time I see a warning sign. I'm sure it's also because I work in a law firm and my job sticks with me every where I go.

I Need a Girlfriend Guy 07/30/09

OK this guy seriously has signs everywhere. Every time I turn around it seem like there is a new sign. Oh did I mention he also drives his white car around with a small trailer thingy attached that has a huge sign that says "I NEED A GIRLFRIEND 206.COM" He is determined. I'm not sure how long he has done this, but I sure hope it helps and I hope his hard work pays off soon.

Denim Underwear 07/27/2009

I don't understand how people manage to walk out of their homes forgetting to put clothing on over their underwear. This girl is walking the streets of Seattle in her denim underwear. I'm embarassed for here. Her but cheeks were on the verge of falling out. To make the situation worse her hat had: America's Next Top Model on it. Seriously?? How does she expect to make that dream a reality dressing like this? You have to fit the part. If people need help they should ask for it. Don't be ashamed to seek fashion help. I'm always willing to assist.

Pyramid Alehouse Brewery 07/25/09

Liz & I had a great idea to go to a baseball game but we did not manage to get there. We were an hour late and the only seats left were crappy ones for way too much money. SO we had a brilliant idea to go to the brewery to have some more beer and watch the game on TV. Well it was not televised. WTF? We meet an assortment of men while we hung out.
This is a fun place to go grab a beer I highly recommend the apricot beer. It's wonderful. I also highly recommend that if you get stuck with this ass munch as your Waiter you should request a new one or move to a different table. I named him Justin Guarani for obvious reasons (he did not respond to it, but I am willing to bet he would respond to asshole) He was just rude as can be.

Next why do people always grace Liz & I with there infamous vacationer shirts. Guys you're not on a beach!! Why must you wear that shirt? This was just an example of two people in the infamous vacationer shirts.

The night ended in a search for Liz's missing car. It was MIA. After a two hour search we found it. I had a good day & it was fun. Thanks for visiting me Liz!