Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3

I am truly thankful for getting to sleep next to my husband. 

Many people may take that for granted but I certainly do not. I "slept" (I use the word slept loosely because I hardly slept while he was deployed) in our bed for 8 months while he was deployed and missed him so much every night. He likes to hog the bed and occasionally talk in his sleep or snore but I love it. I cherish it more than ever now that he is back home.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2

I am truly thankful for our new apartment.

It is spacious beyond belief. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The living room is pretty large and it has a fireplace. Having a larger place to live in make us very happy. Nate is enjoying his man cave and I am enjoying my lady cave. It is still a work in progress and we do not have any furniture in the living room yet but it will get there soon enough! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1

I am truly thankful for the holiday Dia de los Muertos. 

It is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. It is such a wonderful day to dedicate to loved ones that are no longer in the physical world with me. I have lost lots of loved ones throughout the years and get to celebrate them on this day. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my amazing mommy. I miss her terribly. 

30 Days of Thankfulness

I am going to write something I am thankful for each day of November. It will be a lovely way to remind myself and others what I am truly thankful for. I encourage everyone to do the same. Let the fun BEGIN!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Nate and I got a bunch of candy ready for trick or treaters. We figured with all the children in our new apartment complex we would have a bunch coming to our door. Our friend Terrance came over for a slumber party and brought vodka, donuts and candy. We had such a lovely diner made by my sweet husband. filet mignon and ravioli. I made a salad. We played video games, watched movies and drank. We did not have a single trick or treater. Now we are stuck with pounds of candy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The ABCs about being a Military Wife

A - Attacking the phone whenever it rings. Even if it means sleeping with your handset or nearly careening off the highway to reach your phone in your purse on the floor.
B - Boxes. Packing them, unpacking them, shipping them, receiving them. Using them to store your precious letters.
C - Cheering your head off when your soldier is finally home from his LONG deployment.
D - Deployments and the deployment that is extended.
E - Excitement that you feel when you know he’s going to be home soon!
F - Friendships that come and go every three years and the ones that last a lifetime no matter the distance.
G - Great friends you make, despite only knowing them for a short time.
H - Helpful hands, that are always there when you need them.
I - IRAQ. The nastiest four letter word we all know.
J - Jumping for joy when deployment homecoming comes.
K - Kitchen. where you prepare gourmet snacks. And scrub, scrub, scrub to keep yourself occupied.
L - Love you have for your soldier.
M - The marriage that survives the struggle of being a Military Spouse.
N - “Naughty time” when he/she gets home.
P - Patience. We all know that we need it.
Q - Questions that you deal with every day. “When are you getting out?” “Is it hard to be married to a man in the: (Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy)?”
R - R&R of course!!
S - The sacrifice of not getting them at home every night. Or for holidays, anniversaries, child births/birthday etc.
T - The time you have with him while he is home.
U - How attractive they are in their uniforms! ♥
V - Variety of places that you will go.
W - Worries!! ‘Where is he!?’ “When will it be over!?’ ‘Why haven’t I heard from him!?’
X - The eXtra hugs and kisses you squeeze in before they get on the plane.
Y - Yawns caused by late night phone calls, or IM sessions. Long days, sleepless nights, and hot nights when neither of you gets any sleep. ;)
Z - The time zones you count to know what time it is where they are while they are deployed.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Surprise, We're MARRIED!

After a long engagement (3 weeks to be exact) we decided to get married on our anniversary!
It was a lovely ceremony. The judge that married us did a nice job. He is a very nice man.
The love felt today was amazing! We enjoed every second of our special day!
You may now kiss your Bride:
 Mr. & Mrs. Martin! (I love the way that sounds!)
We will start saving for a wedding with all of our family and friends!