Saturday, March 6, 2010

At last

Today I lounged around all morning surfing the net, talked to my sissy most of the morning and listened to music. I was anxious for the mail so I could watch the movie netflix was sending me. (BTW if I ever write netflicks it really means netflix. I have a huge tendency of renaming stuff!) So I went to check the mail at 1ish and my mail was no where to be found. I was a bit annoyed/bummed so I went to my sofa to be comforted and fell asleep ;)
I woke up around 5ish went to check the mail and it was there in all it glory!! I gotta tell yah it was the best trip to my mail box e-v-e-r!! Here is the first item that I got:
Booo Yah!!
I'm so excited to finally have the chance to go to jury duty. I think it would be an incredible experience to sit in on a case. I help attorneys prepare for trials all the time but do not get the opportunity to go watch the trial. (OK I went once and crap hit the fan and it was postponed a month or so) Although it would not be one of my attorney in action, (which I would love to watch) it would be fascinating. At least I think so. Everyone thinks I'm being sarcastic (I know I excel in it) but I'm not I'm so stoked! I'm not crazy people!!
I also got and invitation to my cousin wedding in Cancun, Mexico! I hope I can afford to go. It would be tons of fun. What can I say. . . I want to feel the warmth of MEXICO!! Who doesn't?
I got a loan bill and an invitation to apply for another loan! Which I want I've been working on consolidating my debit and getting it paid off as quickly as possible!! My goal is by 12/31/2010 at the absolute latest!! I have prayed to Jesus for some time now to help me come up with a solid plan to get my financial affairs together. I finally got my answer!!
Thank you Jesus!!
For the fist time in a very long time I feel like I'm no longer drowning and I have my life together. I am ultimately in control of my life and it feels FABULOUS!!
I'm so happy and proud of my accomplishments!!
Thank you JESUS!!!

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