Friday, October 30, 2009

Mondo & Nadia visit Seattle: Day One!

Heading out to explore Broadway!

Mondo & Nadia
We stopped by Dick's to get started and had cheeseburgers, fries & pop! Yum! (that was not the only stop to Dicks that day) Then we went in to an adult shop to find a sailor hat for Nadia, it was hilarious we all got carded!

Mondo & I

Mondo & Nadia

Me & Nadia
Mondo praying that we will stop taking pictures!

Dinner at Vi Bacchus Sake Bar & Bistro! (try saying that 3 times)
After dinner we went to Molly Moons for some awesome ice cream! They proclaimed me to be the worlds slowest ice cream eater! Then we went home relaxed a little. I made cinnamon rolls. While they were cooking Nadia & I walked to pick up Dick's!
We had a pretty good day!

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