Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You could call me a hero!

I had a great afternoon with Kathy & Bu! We went with Bu to try on wedding dresses! She looked so beautiful! The lady was a bit blah and so was the store. She was not the greatest sales lady. Bu did not pick a dress and will not pick one from this place!

I also had an eventful evening with Bu running errands. There was also a possible minor life threatening accident at Whole foods, my poor poor Bu! I saved her life, yeah you can totally call me a hero and give me an award! It's a good thing I'm in the emergency team committee at work. This could of ended very differently!

Bu wanted to sanitize the shopping cart so unsupervised she walked over to get a wipe and it was not visible so she stuck her finger in the hole! Ohh dear! Her poor finger got stuck and her entire life flashed before her eyes. Luckily for her I was there. I carefully pried her finger out (intact) and pretty much saved her life!


You're welcome Bu, I love you too!

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