Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sam & Jess visit Seattle!

I meet Sam & Jess at their hotel and we walked to Top Pot for breakfast! It was so yummy!
Mean girls with the unknown creepy dolls! These girls were straight up bitches to Jess. If you ever see them walk up to them and just start laughing at them or punch them.

Totem pole at Pioneer square
Sam's attempt at morning wood. Fail!

Jess & I at the waterfront

Jess & I at the SAM Sculpture park

Jess & Sam

Sam & I (I think this is the 1st picture I've ever taken with Sam)

After our 10 mile walk all over Seattle we went to the market for some seafood. I took them to my apartment to relax before we went to dinner at vi Bacchus sushi for dinner. I took them around Broadway and it was so mellow, so they did not really get to see the wild Broadway. I had a fun day with Sam & Jess! Thanks for everything!

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