Friday, January 8, 2010

Youth in Revolt

Mondo, Nadia & I went to watch Youth in Revolt on opening night! We grabbed some jamba juice after locking in the tickets! (1st things 1st people) It was awesome! We laughed pretty much the entire movie! Watch if you haven't already!
After the movie we went out to dinner at La Creperie Cafe on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore! We dinned outside on the patio and were able to enjoy some people watching. I was telling Nadia a story about Mondo & I getting ice cream after we got home from our busy day (5 guys, farmers market, clothing shopping, tailors, house shopping and car wash). (Earlier Mondo was telling me about our favorite ice cream truck and how it kinda appears when you talk about it. He said one day it came by and they literally followed the music in the car until they found it, the ice cream man asked "are you guys following me" and Mondo proudly said "yes")
SO when we got home it appeared just like magic. We looked at each other and knew we were going to have ice cream. So we parked and being impatient as can be I suggested crossing the street and getting in line. We did :) So we are waiting and waiting and try to decide what we wanted to order. It was our turn, my phone rings and I said to Mondo "oh crap it's him, I want a 2 scoop sundae with strawberry ice cream & cookies and cream." (he is a guy I met the last time I was in LA, we were planning to get together while I was in town) So I thought I was being slick I walked at least a house 1/2 away from the truck. I'm talking to this guy figuring out what we are going to do and in the middle of his sentence he said "Are you at the ice cream truck" I could not help but laugh I almost dropped my phone and in my embarrassed voice I said "yeeeees" and he continued his sentence. Didn't mention it again. I was a bit horrified because I'm a girl. Nadia just about feel out of her chair and spit her champagne out. Ahh too funny! For the next 20ish minutes we would randomly say "Are you at the ice cream truck" It didn't get out we laughed every time ;)

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