Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm in LA for the day!

Juanito picked me up from LAX at the crack of dawn!
1st stop was the university where my sissy teaches!
Check her out in action! She took me to the cafe and feed me & Juanito.

2nd stop my dads house. He let his pet squirrel out to play.
3rd stop In & Out! Yeah! My dad fed the birds french fries.

4th stop Super Mex to have dinner with my family before my trip to Japan!
Whittle mamas relaxing at the table.

My chicken nugget being a sweetheart!
Dinner was so good. It was really nice to have dinner with my family before I headed back to the airport. Mondo & Nadia took me to LAX. We went on a mission to find a copy machine so we could make a copy of my passport to add to their travel file in case of an emergency!
Thanks for an awesome day!

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