Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sober to Sick. . . is what turning 27 brought me

OK so I now go from sober to sick in 60! Well not exactly that quick, but you get the picture. I drink and then I'm sick. I do not get to experience the lovely buzzed stage. It is such a shame!
OK so I got wasted last night for my birthday. My cousin and I though it would be a good idea for me to eat something before I went to bed. I insisted on having chicken nuggets and french fries. So we stopped at Wendy's. I could barely choak it down so then insisted that my cousin ate my food for me. When I got home I had the spins and lucky for me when I woke up I still had the spins. BTW I had an 8:30am flight (or so I thought). I planned on waking up and preparing Nadia's breakfast shake, but I could barely stand. After she was ready and made her own breakfast (Sorry, I love you) we headed to the airport. Nadia gave me a pastry and just the sight of it made me want to vomit. (which I did 2 or 3 times that morning when I looked at the shake she was making) (fyi her breakfast shakes are the best food was just repulsive to me, which is very unlike me.) I got there and was in a panic because we were running a bit late. I go to check in the lady asked "what time is your flight" I confidently replied 8:30 she looked at me like I was a freaking lunatic and said "we don't have an 8:30 flight" I was fighting just to stand at this point and looked at her and said "HUH, like she was a freaking lunatic" she looked and me and repeated "we don't have an 8:30 flight" so I just looked at her in shock and she said (in a snob like manner) "it's at 8:00" I freaked out she was telling me I was late and blah blah blah and if my luggage does not make my flight then I am responsible for picking it up when it does. Then told me I need to hurry to my terminal. (As if I didn't already know that) Way to state the obvious lady!!
So I'm moving quickly as possible to security and the line is outrageously long. I'm standing in line terrified that I'm not going to make my flight (the thought of me having to wait for the next flight is making me want to vomit) and tapping my foot (I'm sure it was helping to speed the process) I'm close to the front of the line I keep hearing a page, but cant make it out (it was muffled) so now I'm thinking shit that's probably for me. I leaped out of line and asked the man loading his luggage if I could cut because my flight was boarding and I really waned to be on it. He kindly said yes. I thanked him repeatedly. After I got through security I ran to the terminal quick. Lucky for me it was the first terminal after leaving security.
I ran up just as they were about to close the door. The lady was bitching that she had been paging me over and over. I said well I've been in the long security line and could not do much about it so have a nice day. I ran to get my seat. I had a chatty Cathy next to me and gently told her I would be sleeping the entire flight. I said to her "have a nice flight and good night"
I was out like a light and did not wake up once.

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