Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congrats Boogie & Maria!!

The wedding ceremony! Check out his shoes!

This is my brother Boogie & his wife Maria. He was the last boy to get married. Now I'm officially the last one to get married oh boy the pressure is on! Yikes!

So I was asked by my brother to do a reading at the church during the ceremony. (my sister was also asked) I agreed right away and asked for the reading so I could prepare. Well. . . I got a call the night before and he said oh one of your readings changed I'm not sure if it's yours or Sylvia's. So I asked him to call when he figures it out. He never called back to follow up. Big surprise? I think not!
We get to the church and it turns out I was the lucky one that had a new reading. So I was handed the reading to review quickly before the ceremony and it was a prayer that was for the church, the couple and those that have passed, ugh!

So when it was my turn to go read I was doing fine and then I got to the part for those who have passed and started to cry when I read my moms name and it triggered my sister to also cry, sigh. My poor niece didn't know what to do when I returned to sit down.

Before the wedding!

This is my little chicken nugget. He likes to cuddle!

This is my little mamas we got ready together she offered to let me use her bikini I told her "oh no thanks you mamas it's a little too big for me" she said "oh ok tia"

The wedding day!

Their 1st dance as Mr. & Mrs Cervantes!

Nadia & I

The cake!


In Loving memory of my mother Barbara Cervantes (the greatest woman ever)

My daddy & I. We have a tradition of dancing at every wedding! I love it :)

This is a tradition we always get a picture at every wedding! Too cute! I love my girls!
Emily, Ginger & I

Nadia, me, Ginger, Jamie & Sylvia

Some girl was jealous that her boyfriend was talking to me about living in Seattle (he's from Washington) So she tried stepping up to me during this she was saying I play basketball (stood in front of me) I'm going to get it and blah blah blah, I said oh yeah I don't care we'll just see about that and stood in front of her where I initially was) and I schooled her ass! That's right I caught the bouquet!

P.S. I looked at her and without missing a beat I said "Bam! In your face"

*In my defense I had a lot of wine that day!

Congrats Boogie & Maria!

Welcome to the family!

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