Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pyramid Alehouse Brewery 07/25/09

Liz & I had a great idea to go to a baseball game but we did not manage to get there. We were an hour late and the only seats left were crappy ones for way too much money. SO we had a brilliant idea to go to the brewery to have some more beer and watch the game on TV. Well it was not televised. WTF? We meet an assortment of men while we hung out.
This is a fun place to go grab a beer I highly recommend the apricot beer. It's wonderful. I also highly recommend that if you get stuck with this ass munch as your Waiter you should request a new one or move to a different table. I named him Justin Guarani for obvious reasons (he did not respond to it, but I am willing to bet he would respond to asshole) He was just rude as can be.

Next why do people always grace Liz & I with there infamous vacationer shirts. Guys you're not on a beach!! Why must you wear that shirt? This was just an example of two people in the infamous vacationer shirts.

The night ended in a search for Liz's missing car. It was MIA. After a two hour search we found it. I had a good day & it was fun. Thanks for visiting me Liz!

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