Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thomas Family

I would like to introduce you to the Thomas family. I have known them for a very long time! I got to visit them when I was in Cali for my brothers wedding. We has a short but sweet visit!
I was a live in nanny for these kiddos.
Now they're all grown up and almost taller than me! (with the exception of Michael Jr. lol)
What the heck happened?
Michael, Karen, Me & Nicole

Michael Jr., Michael, Me & Nicole

Me & Georgie

Just so you have an idea when I took care of them. . . Michael Jr. was 6 months old, Nicole was 2 and Georgie was 4. Sheeesh where does time go? They are such great kids! I'm so proud of them! They are such a beautiful family!
I love you!

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