Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Night Out 08/04/09

Nicole & the boys picked me up from the limo station and we drove to Nicole's moms house for the national night out BBQ. We had lots of good food, cheesecake & cookies. It was fun to hang out and it was beautiful out (it did get a little chilly later)
This is Kirby and I hanging out on the porch swing. I was cuddling him. He was not feeling good. We took a bunch of pictures. He said "more pictures Achel" (I was also talking to him like a baby because it was amusing to him)
This is Frankie. He is so cute & such a sweet baby.

This is Me, Nicole, Kirby and Frankie. I really like this picture of us, it's cute.

This is Kirby with his grandma Lexi (Nicole's mom) taking a picture with the fire truck.
This is Kirby with his mom taking a picture with the fire truck.

It was very nice of the fire department to stop by and visit.

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