Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun in The Sun

I forgot to zoom out and the result was this fun picture.
Not to shabby :)
This was such a fun lunch break. We had a quick salad that I made then we headed out to get our favorite drink: TARO with coconut jelly & tapioca... delish. Try it asap. In the first picture Susan was acting like she didn't like me. In the second I started laughing and it was too late to prevent the picture. In the third picture she came to terms and admitted she is indeed my friend. (and yes she got a little wild and showed the twins off) I can't take her any where.

It gets better. While I was in line at old navy she said she was running to Nordy's to use the ladies room and told me to meet her outside when I was done. I waited and waited and waited. I decided to call her to tell her to hurry up well some how she ended up in the shoe department. Imagine that. Poor thing got LOST! I had to go in find her and show her to the exist. What would she do with out me??
P.S. It was such a beautiful day out!

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