Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I always say olives are gross & nasty (with the exception of black olives). The only thing I like about green olives is the pimento. SO some time last week I ordered a salad and I forgot to say no olives.... well I got olives (the purple kind). Roommate (we share an office at work, she has a real name but I'm in the process of having her change it legally to Roommate. I will settle for Roomy) told me to just try it. It was everything I expected gross & nasty.
Memorial day I went to happy hour at a fun little place in Belltown and I was starving. (FYI when I'm hungry, I'm grumpy) I ordered a lemon drop and it was really good. The Waiter guy gave us a cup of olives (what was he thinking, right) and they were so tiny and cute so I decided I would try one because they look cute. OMG they were so good. I was not sure if they were good because I was starving.
While I was enjoying my food I decided the waiters name should be David (I like to rename people or give them nicknames, it's a hobby of mine). He just looked like a David. I never bothered to ask and he didn't tell us his name. When I got the check I decided to see if it had his name on it. It sure the heck did and his name is DAVID. Crazy huh?
I had a salad yesterday at some little cafe. They had the same cute little olives so I decided to try them again. OMG they really are good. I don't know why people never told me about them but I'm hooked. I even purchased a jar from Trader Joe's last night.

If you think olives are gross & nasty try the small ones.
They are Manzanilla olives and this is what they look like:

They are sooo good & cute. Try them :)

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  1. When I was 2 I ate a whole jar of pickles and lost my taste for olives and pickles until I was about 16. Since then they've been one of my favorite things ever. Kalamata win, though.