Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunch Date

So I went on a fun little lunch date with a fun little friend. Her name is Susan. We went to the cutest cafe and had salads and smoothies with yummy vanilla frozen yogurt on top, it's sooo good. Next we headed out to do some needed retail therapy. We got some super cute shorts. I'm hoping they look good on because I don't like short shorts because I have long legs and it makes me look a bit racy. So keep your finger crossed, please. We were also color coordinating today. (it was not planned like some would assume) So since we are really good employees we only took and hour lunch and returned to work. Then we decided we needed more retail therapy so we went to the half yearly sale at Nordy's (Nordstroms) for power shopping before I headed off to school. I know I should of been a good kid and went right to school instead of being late but I like breaking rules it's sooo stink'in fun. I got a super cute new yellowish bag (I inserted a picture) and a pretty dress that was going to be an optional dress for my cousin Jennay's wedding in November. Unfortunately I tyred it on right after school when I got home and realized I looked like a two dollar hooker (I've been wondering for years what a two dollar hooker looked like and I finally know). It's also my asses fault . . . .because it caused me to loose a good four inches or so in length boo freaking hoo. I guess I have to go back now. What torture. So that's all for this entry.

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