Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Hour May 22, 2009

So I was waiting for my bff at Pike Place Market to hang out and while I waited for her I got some good people watching time in. There was this cute little older lady with a walker and she was with a younger gal. She was walking and had to go down a slight incline and when she went down she said "Whoooooooa" and the girl with her was so scared she said "I don't want you to fall." and then she said "It's like a roller coaster" So I laughed out loud and the little lady turned around and gave me a great big smile and just nodded yes. She was so cute.

So when my bff arrived I told her the story then we went to the donut stand. We had to wait in a long line as usual. Then the guy that bagged our donuts was intrigued by Nicole's belly (she's pregnant) and was talking about it and asking questions. She told him she had a son and this baby is a boy also. THEN he thought we we a couple and asked if the adopted the first boy and we could not be more confused if you paid us to be. So we explained Nicole has a husband (I thought her beautiful ring set on her left finger would have done the trick). So the guy is lucky he gave us extra donuts. We may of had to get all crazy & stuff.

So we wondered around the market and then went to a fun little place for happy hour. The food was great. I wanted to eat inside but Nicole wanted to eat outside so I decided to be a good friend and we ate outside. Within minutes she decided I was RIGHT and she did not like sit outside because the ground was on an incline. (so very lame) So I had a glass of wine and we ate pate sandwiches, pommes frites, and I forgot what the other one was called but it was cheese, bread, and delicious prunes.

this is the cute picture from the menu.
my little pate sandwich

Nicole & her little pate sandwich

waiting (we did a lot of this)

Still waiting (I think we had a total of 5 servers, booo)
Moral of this story don't sit outside if you want good service.

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