Sunday, June 28, 2009

Club Heaven 06/27/2009

I went to a club with Susan and her BFF Katie. (I have not been to a club in many years and had no idea what to expect) I was feeling like I was dressed like a hoochie and wanted to change but I was reassured that my outfit was fine. SO we got in for free which was awesome and I felt over dressed once I walked in omg some of the girls in there were trashy. We had a drink danced a little then went out to check out nearby clubs but decided to go back. So we were dancing and hanging out and this guy walked right up to me with a blow up doll (it was his bachelor party) and asked if I would go to the VIP lounge because that was his current punishment/task I said as long as I could bring my friends. (going up to girls and getting them to go with him.) So we went and it was cool they had a bunch of drinks and were very nice. (he looked like one of my ex-boyfriends that was really odd) We hung out for a little while and headed home. It was a fun night.

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