Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not Niki 06/15/2009

So apparently when this man called me a week ago and said "Niki is John in the back yard" I said "this is not Niki you have the wrong number" He said "well you sound like Niki" and I said "well I'm not you have the wrong number" Well after I hung up he sent me a text message that said "call me asap" I did not reply.
Well today I had a call and it was the same man again he said "hi Niki" I said "I'm sorry but this is not Niki's phone any more please do not call me again" Once again after I hung up I got a text message again that said "call me" so now I'm pissed and annoyed so I replied this time with "DO NOT call or txt msg my phone ever again please! I'm not Niki"
Please keep your fingers crossed for me that he knows how to read since he obviously does not know how to listen.

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