Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mean Bird

Today while I was waiting for the bus to pull up to my stop the street was filled with lots of birds. The bus driver honked and they all flew west. I got off and started walking east on Pine and all of a sudden I just heard this crazy flapping sound and when I looked up the birds made a u-turn and were over me. I immediately tried to walk on the left side of the side walk. One bird decided today would be a good day to shit on me and it did just that. In some ways I guess I lucked out that I was not covered in it but it was really awful, sigh. I was beyond horrified.

After screaming FUCK in a fit of rage I quickly patted my head to check for shit lucky for me and my work my head was safe. (I would of had no other choice) I would have totally gone home had it got on my hair. So I quickly rolled up the sleeve of my sweater to cover the shit and called home to see if I could arrange for a clean sweater to be brought to me. Lucky for me I was able to make it happen. Its a good thing that I own more than one pink sweater :)

I washed the sweater soon as I got to work and decided I will not wear it for a very long time. (I'm a bit traumatized)

So I have been paranoid around birds all day and try to walk under covered areas. Ugh so sad.

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