Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Times Are Changing 06/17/2009

I have made a big decision to hit the play button and move forward with my life instead of feeling like I am stuck on the pause button. This may come as a huge shock to most people and very unexpected. Just know that change is good. I felt as if I were waiting for something to happen that obviously wasn't going to.

This was a very hard decision but in the end I am very confident with my choice. I have also had some positive reinforcement to confirm I have made the right decision.

Ultimately I made this choice for ME because I want to be happy and deserve to be. I should not have to settle for less and refuse to. . . . so I am moving on.

This was not an easy process and it will take time to transition but it's worth it.

I recently did some apartment shopping and found a cute little place to call home, I signed the lease, packed up, and moved out. I am now working on building a life of happiness and settling in to my new place.

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