Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raccoon 06/27/2009

I had to go take the trash out and Susan went with me. When we got close to the backdoor we looked out the window and noticed a raccoon outside and I decided I needed to take a picture of it. I walked upstairs opened the door slowly and had Susan hold it as I tip toed out quietly. When I got outside I took a picture but the raccoon was being a brat and did not want to look at the camera. So Susan started meowing to see if that would help. I just settled with this lousy picture and threw the trash away. Susan told me it was closer and I could try for a better picture so I walked along the side of the building and I could not see the raccoon so I was looking for it. I looked down and it was right next to me about a foot away. I screamed so loud which triggered Susan to scream (monkey see monkey do) So we ran as fast as we could to get back in to the building. It was a close call.

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