Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 2009

Timing is everything! Lucky for me my good friend Susan called me moments before I was headed to take a nap. (it's one of my newer hobbies) She called to see what I was up to and invited me to a 4th of July BBQ at her & Nate's (that's her fiance) friends Naima & Carl's place on Lake Union. I accepted her invitation and went to her place so we could leave from there.
We stopped by whole foods to bring some stuff over to the BBQ. The cashier was grumpy and not very friendly (it was not our fault she forgot to request the holiday off or her request was denied. Not to sure what her problem was, she was lame)
Then we decided to take our chances and pay this guy $10 to park in his lot after searching for what felt like forever to find a parking spot. I was asked to take a picture of the guy. So if the car was towed or stolen we would have a picture of the suspect, lol.

Lucky for him it was right there when we returned.
The afternoon started with an adult beverage called Spodee from what I understand it's a popular drink. (I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly but I know I spelled it phonetically) It was very tasty. All I know is it had liquor and fruit juice.

Naima & Carl's place was very cute. This is the beautiful view from their balcony:

Very beautiful huh? Your answer should be yes. (it's a no-brain-er)
So the guy behind Susan & I was a guy that looks like a Baldwin brother. Susan was determined to find out if he was but I refused to ask or let her ask. So how I managed to let her out of my sight and she asked Mike if he knew. He had no clue and asked him. That guy was shocked and said no. He also pretended as if that was the first time he has ever been asked that. Yeah right Tim, nice try. (I'm good at remembering names that are four letters or less and or I re-name people to have shorter names)

It was very fun and everyone was very nice.
Naima & Carl were great hosts. This is Naima & I she's so sweet.
(She changed outfits a few times during the evening, intentionally of course)

The fireworks were amazing.
Thanks for everything!

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