Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bus Hookup 07/15/2009

OK so this guy and girl meet for the first time while waiting for the bus. I didn't think much of it. So everyone got on the bus and they sat together. All the passengers had a row each so I was so luck to sit near them all the way in the back. (ugh) If I knew what I was in store for I would of forced someone to let me sit next to them. We got on the freeway and my phone did not have much battery left so I did not listen to music.

So she put one leg on his lap then waited and put her other one and asked for his number and he didn't give it to her so she asked again. They exchanged numbers and so after that she was pulling her skirt up. All I could think was please do not have sex on this bus that would be so nasty. Then she got on him and they started making out. Yuck! She looked like she was high on crack or some other drug.
Sick huh?

Lets play a little game I just made up.
It's called what kind of drug do you think she was on?
Any guesses?
That driver could not get me to Seattle quick enough. I was so grossed out and horrified.
I'm 99.9% certain that I will spend the night next time I'm in Tacoma on work night if I'm commuting alone. Scary!

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