Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm not Niki 06/06/2009 & 06/09/2009

Well yet again I got another call from Niki's dad. I was beyond annoyed. I can not believe a person could be so delusional. It started the usually way:

Niki's dad: Hi Niki
Me: No this is not Niki, who is this?
Niki's dad: Niki it's dad.
Me: No I'm pretty sure you're not my dad. So please stop calling me. I'm sorry your daughter changed her number and did not want to give you her new number. I'm not your daughter it does not matter if you use a different phone to call this number it's not going to change who answer's. So stop calling me and stop text messaging me.
(I may have yelled a little)

So I called AT&T to ask if they could block some numbers because I'm sick of the calls and the guy said I could pay for some service to block up to 20 numbers or I could report it to the police. I said I don't think this is something I should bother the police with and I've had a larger issue before that I reported to the police and they would not help resolve it so I highly doubt they would help.

So I gave him a small example of this incident that happened almost a year ago:
Some ignorant, rude, stupid, inconsiderate idiot blocked my parking space, so I can not park the car and it's on the street. The dumb f%$ parked in the isle area so one car is blocked and the other person can not park their car. This dip shit has been parked there since 2:00 p.m. Oh and the wonderful Seattle PD can not help me, I was told to call a towing company. The wonderful towing companies said that our building must have a contract with them in order to tow a vehicle. WTF?? (Needless to say the car sat for 3 or 4 days)

The guy began to give me advice on how stupid it is to own a condo because you don't really own it and it's not yours and he would never own a condo because it's stupid. I have no idea why he felt the need to tell me all that b.s. and I just tried to change the topic back to the reason for my call but he was still talking about condos so it took me 37 minutes to get no solution.

Then Thursday morning I'm at work my cell phone rings. Roommate (Chris she is my office roommate) looks at me when I said I had no idea who was calling and she said Niki. I answered it.

Lady: Hi Niki.
Me: No I'm not Niki.
Lady: Well you have a young voice like she has.
Me: Well I'm not Niki and I would really appreciate it if you could tell everyone who has this number not to use it because they're really starting to annoy the hell out of me and I'm keeping track of every number that calls and I'm going to report it to the police because it;s becoming harassment.
Lady: Oh sorry
Me: Relay the message thanks.

Once again I may have yelled a little or raised my voice)

In conclusion I've decided that I will call the numbers that call me and ask for Rachel and insist that the person I'm speaking to is indeed Rachel. Then When I call for a second time I will ask for Niki and just annoy them. Maybe they will realize how annoying it is to deal with the obnoxious calls. It should be fun.

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