Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clipboard Vultures 07/17/2009

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that these people are beyond annoying!! They try to pressure people into saving something and can often result in ruthless behavior and tactics. It's pretty much harassment! I will try anything to get these people to leave me the heck alone from using heads phones (even if I'm not listening to music), not looking them in the eyes and making a pointless phone call. They are worse than car sharks. They are everywhere and always at all the wrong times such as: breaks, lunch time, trying to get to the public limo stop and when I'm pressed for time. I have had them get mouthy with me when I'm polite and say "sorry" or "no thank you" If they think they get get mouthy with me when I'm being polite instead of pretending not to hear them and just walking by, they have another thing coming. I'm not afraid to tell them off and I have. At times they've given me anxiety and I can not stand them. They should get the hint.

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