Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was having a lazy Sunday and finally decided to go to the store. I settled for Safeway because it's closer than Trader Joe's. I walked out to the bus stop and was bummed out when I checked the schedule and it was not going to arrive for at least 15 minutes then to make the matter ever worse . . . . . it started to rain like crazy. I had no rain boots, no jacket and no scarf or hat. Just freaking dandy!!
So I had my trip planned out and knew I had exactly 25 minutes to shop and get to the bus stop once I got to the store. Or I would have to wait at the bus stop for about 25 minutes for the next bus if I did not get out. So I walked in grabbed a cart and and pulled my list out I only needed a few things so I was ready to get in & out!
I started off quickly and was in the aisle to get toothpaste and out of nowhere this guy shows up and was standing uncomfortably close to me. He started mumbling and rattling off so much information and asked me if I could help him buy some food. I said "sorry I do not have any cash to give you" He said "well can you just pay for my food?" I said "sorry I have no cash to give you and I just got to the store and will be a while." So he stood there and kept talking to me and saying a bunch of stuff. He was just looking at me it was very awkward. He asked again and I said "maybe you should go ask someone else" and got out of the aisle as quickly as possible. He went the other way and watched me go into the next aisle and looked at me then walked away slowly.(I was so upset by this situation and all I could think of while he was talking was please get away or have someone walk in the aisle so I can run or something.)
So I walked up to the first clerk I found and told him what happened. He got the supervisor and had me speak to him. I told him there is a man in your store panhandling and trying to get me to buy his groceries and I felt very uncomfortable and was put in such and awkward situation. He was in shock and said "in the store" I said "Oh yes in the store" I described the man and then said "I don't mean to be a tattletale but I do not feel safe."
He rushed off and I continued to finish up as I was on the verge of tears. When I was near the freezer section the supervisor came up to me and I asked right away "did you find him" (with a very concerned look on my face) he said "yes but I was too late he got someone to buy his food but I did tell him he was not allowed in my store ever again" I said "thank you very much" and he said "oh thank you"
I don't understand why I can not go to Safeway with out dealing with horrible situations.
Situation #1
One time this group of three people were following me around the store the manager noticed and said Please watch your purse and keep it with you at all times these people have been going around stealing woman's purses.
Situation #2
Then there was this white guy that looked in my cart and said ooh your making a roast? Then followed me around the meat department and was telling me how I should make it and that I should use beer and blah blah blah.
Situation #3
Then this black guy noticed my cart and inside was BBQ sauce. He shouted Mmmmm who likes Ray's BBQ sauce. I instantly hoped there was someone else in the meat department so I could pretend it wasn't my cart. Well I was the only one there so he walked up to me and started talking about how he loves that BBQ sauce and if he could be in my life and blah blah blah.
WTF?? UGH!! Can I go to the store and have a nice experience??
I'm not going to Safeway alone ever again.

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